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Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages, is a non-profit organization that operates a successful chain of fair-trade stores. Providing a retail venue for partisans from over 38 countries across Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Ten Thousand Villages helps pay for food, housing, health care and education for many talented artisans who have the creative craft, but lack the connections.

Ten Thousand Villages is not just a charitble name, it is a perfect spot for interesting gifts (like handmade soap!) and unique jewellery--to learn more check out their site or read the Fair Trade Fashion article I wrote after speaking with a store manager!



Chunky, colourful statement necklaces!

Whether beaded and tribal-inspired--like the one in this pic--or chunky-silver chains, the look is heavy-necklaces that hang over the collar bone. Try layering last seasons lighter-longer charms, with shorter, thicker, colourful pieces. Thick turquiose beads are one of the coolest choices: natural and illuminating!


beaded belts

Beaded, Hip-Huggin' Belts!
These belts, as seen at Tribal Mountain Trade Co. are perfect to add a cute dash of colour and sparkle, while remaining casual and understated. The belts shown above are all FAIR TRADE. They are easy to wear and look best with low cut, hip-hugging denim and a plain white T-shirt.


vintage chic

Playful Vintage :
The above photo I styled from a bunch of mix and match vintage finds in London, Ontario.
Stores like Mesh (reviewed by LouLou magazine), which is at the corner of Richmond and John Street in London are perfect for vintage finds. If you're in Toronto head down to Kensington Market. Check out Courage My Love it is one of my favorites. Or just browse online SEE: propervintageclothing.com


vday bags

Womanly Musings
These cute patterned sacks are perfect for day-to-day wear. Their textures are wickedly-earthy. Not too shy, but a treat for the eye. They never need to "match" any outfit. But, they can match your moral standards. 100% of proceeds go towards the VDAY campaign to end violence against women. It is a great campaign. I myself have been involved...check it out: SEE: http://www.store-vday.org/