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I am a writer of creative non-fiction and poetry.
I write essays, personal or narrative, formal or academic;
I write screen plays and short stories;
really short or really drawn,
from the perspective of myself or of a myth;
I write lyrical poems, prose or verse,
pages long or just a few words;
I write contradictingly, but wholeheartedly.

I have done a fair amount of travelling
that has really shaped who I am and what I write about.
A lot of my work is focused on the myths
of the “other” the underlying tales
that categorize and rationalize
our society and those abroad.

I incorporate many themes
—some of which remain recognizably feminist
and others that seem almost anti-feminist—
this is me trying to compromise
and identify with my contradicting beliefs.

My story is like most others
a struggle between binaries
posed against each other with no real need for polarization.
I play with binaries of masculine/feminine,
us/them, passive/aggressive etc…
and in doing so I hope to uncover
these contradictions as not natural, but contrived:
something we can, and should, struggle against.

I hope to take on longstanding ideologies
of what is and what ought to be.
Turn them inside out.
Wear them like a cape, a crown.
Cozy up to them in fuzzy bedtime slippers, sipping tea.
And in the end I dance around
laughing at what is and what could never be.